BC Hemp® Corporation

Growing New Possibilities

As a key division of the Healx Group of Companies, BC Hemp Corporation is poised to be a leader in the emerging hemp industry.

Through cultivation, processing, importation, and exportation of exceptional hemp, the company will advance product development and expand the domestic and global markets. We will supply top-grade biological material, processed fibre, seed and flower oils, and isolates to our customers. Our goal is to become the principal Canadian provider of hemp for industrial, health, and bio-energy use. 

Under the Healx umbrella, we have unprecedented access to cutting-edge innovation, resources, and facilities. Our state-of-the-art lab is nearing completion, and will provide a world-class space for testing, quality control, research & development, and other applications.  Healx Labworx Corporation will be the only PerkinElmer Centre of Excellence analytical laboratory in Canada. With such technology and expertise at our fingertips, BC Hemp will set the standard for excellence.

Healx Pharm RX Care

BC Hemp’s focus on integrative health and wellness includes the development of a specialty pharmacy that will incorporate hemp derivatives into innovative nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and performance products. The pharmacy will provide prescription, OTC, and specialty healthcare products essential to the needs of our community.

Praxis Bioenergy logo

Praxis Bioenergy

Hemp is an ideal source of natural, renewable biofuel. Our bio-ethanol production plant will create low-emission alternative fuels using hemicellulose and lignocellulosic fibres and other biomaterial from hemp.

Hemp is natural, renewable, sustainable, and multidimensional.  BC Hemp Corporation is excited to be at the forefront of this burgeoning field, developing hemp-based solutions and planting the seeds for a greener future. Through socially-responsible best practices, scientific innovation, and a commitment to excellence, we believe we can help our community to truly thrive.