Our People

Remi Balaj

President and Chair

BC Hemp Corporation’s President and Chair, Remi Balaj, is a natural born leader, innovator and entrepreneur who excels in complex and challenging situations. He embraces change as an opportunity to develop meaningful solutions that are built to last.

Seen by his peers as a courageous visionary that leads from the heart, Remi’s caring and supportive nature, combined with an intense commitment to excellence, continually motivates and empowers others to do and be their best.

Remi is driven to help individuals, families and communities realize their full potential. Through BC Hemp Corp’s innovation and community focus, he is actively working to build an economically vibrant future filled with vast opportunity, capacity and character.

Remi believes that by bringing diverse perspectives and interests to the table, we are better equipped to build a strong, sustainable economy, and an unshakable foundation for The Hemphub of the World.

Michael Fazakas

Chief Executive Officer

BC Hemp Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Fazakas is known for his strength of character, his dedication to life-long learning, and his heart of gold.

A man of science and service, Michael leads with integrity and a sense of responsibility to improve the things he can. His dynamic leadership style, technical knowledge and scientific background are essential cornerstones of our organization.

At BC Hemp Corp., Michael is working to develop values-based partnerships and collaborative solutions that are sure to grow economic resilience and sustainability in the North.

Intent on revolutionizing British Columbia’s rural economy through exploring hemp’s vast industrial innovations and medical applications, he is driven to build a lasting legacy we can all be proud of.

Darius Balaj

Chief Operating Officer

BC Hemp Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer, Darius Balaj, is a thoughtful, reflective leader and family man who values perseverance, determination and the rewards of hard work.

His priceless life experiences in business have shaped and molded his values and given him an appreciation for the importance of making wise decisions and taking risks.

Known for his encouraging and accepting nature, Darius is driven to expand his skills and help others do the same. He’s interested in building a bright and stable future for
generations to come.

From his experience building companies and partnerships with his brother Remi, Darius has learned a great deal about business development and international business management.

At BC Hemp Corp., he is putting his diverse skills into practice again, as he passionately works towards creating economic growth that is responsible, balanced and sustainable.

Adele Schlick

Chief Financial Officer

BC Hemp Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer, Adele Schlick is a diligent leader who takes her responsibility for the fiduciary oversight of our organization seriously.

A person who values structure and efficiency, Adele is known for her ambitious spirit, analytical nature and dedication to professional excellence. She takes pride in managing stakeholder needs, in creating institutional performance standards, and in developing multi-level approaches for success.

At BC Hemp Corporporation she is working to ensure that all parts of the organization are properly supported and sustained.

Adele is convinced that hemp has the potential to impact lives and livelihoods for the better. She is excited to contribute to a healthy and prosperous future.

Berdine Fazakas

Director of Quality Assurance

BC Hemp Corporation’s Director of Quality Assurance, Berdine Fazakas is a kind and conscientious leader who likes a challenge.

At BC Hemp Corp, she is working behind the scenes to assure all things related to quality assurance are done right and done well.

Throughout her career, Berdine has acquired a broad range of skills and experience working for global companies such as Aspen and Aurobino, in pharmaceutical production, regulatory affairs, retail and hospital pharmacy.

Berdine is excited to delve into the vast possibilities offered by the hemp industry, and to help BC Hemp Corporation become an industry leader.

Chris Hatfield

Director of Agricultural Services

BC Hemp Corporation’s Director of Agricultural Services, Chris Hatfield is an easy-going and progressive fourth generation local farmer, who is driven to make a positive impact on the agriculture sector in our region.

Known for his contemplative nature, work ethic, and attention to detail, Chris is leading the way with hemp as a new and innovative option for farmers in the North.

At BC Hemp Corp., he is working to grow new possibilities and responsible solutions that will benefit the entire community.

Chris wants to “educate consumers, get acres planted, build awareness about the importance of soil health and develop a duplicatable model with systems that take the guesswork out of the hemp equation.” He is excited to utilize his farming, business and data management expertise to help new and experienced farmers solve problems, build greater capacity in the industry, and enjoy a more profitable and fulfilling career.

Robert Quibell

Director of Public Relations

BC Hemp Corporation’s Director of Public Relations, Robert Quibell is driven to ensure opportunities and resources are available to support economic diversification in the Hemp industry.

Robert is known for his open mind, his ability to build locally and regionally supportive networks, and his desire to make a difference. His interests involve encouraging local communities to develop new and exciting concepts that promise to unite us, that give us something to believe in, and look forward to.

At BC Hemp Corp., Robert is working to inclusively build hemp-based innovation, education and employment opportunities for our northern regions.

With extensive experience in collaborative planning, campaign management, and community engagement, he is excited to develop awareness in, and advocacy for the hemp industry.

Shellie Gleave

Business Development and Marketing Officer

B.C. Hemp Corporation’s Business Development and Marketing Officer Shellie Gleave is known for her capacity to communicate, connect and create.

A certified Community Economic Development Consultant and entrepreneur, she is interested in developing innovative solutions that build sustainable, diverse local economies and healthy communities.

Shellie is passionate about the transformative potential of hemp, and is eager to foster greater awareness and understanding of this versatile material as a vital community resource.

At BC Hemp Corp., she is working to develop a wide range of opportunities and strategies that support and showcase the organization’s purpose, vision and plans.