Center of Excellence

PerkinElmer is a global science and technology leader whose projects are designed to move the world to a healthier, more sustainable position. Their scientists, researchers, and practitioners pursue innovative solutions to critical quality-of-life concerns.

Centre of Excellence

Setting a global standard, the PerkinElmer Center of Excellence in Prince George will be an analytical facility like no other. It will provide the necessary resources and premier scientific support to truly accelerate development of the promising hemp industry. The first of its kind in Canada, the centre will mark BC Hemp as a strategic player in the international biomedical, biofuel, and pharmaceutical industries. With access to such enviable equipment, there is potential to expand services to other natural resource enterprises, as well. As a centralized R&D facility, it will serve to keep costs competitive and encourage training, knowledge sharing, and discovery that will drive innovation and business.

At BC Hemp, we recognize the unparalleled opportunity afforded to us by our collaboration with PerkinElmer. Their pioneering scientific support will allow the proven and potential benefits of hemp and its associated products to be realized on a worldwide scale. 

Together, we are ready to make this industry grow!