Hemp is a growing industry, literally and figuratively.

Rapidly becoming an attractive crop alternative for farmers, hemp offers endless benefits to growers: it produces minimal waste –every part of the plant can be utilized, it is an ideal choice for healthy crop rotation, and it has the potential to be very lucrative.

BC Hemp Corporation is excited about the game-changing potential of this plant.

Our plan is to begin purchasing hemp in 2022, with a goal of seeing hundreds of thousands of arable acres planted to hemp by that time. In preparation, we are actively developing partnerships with farmers and landowners throughout central and northern B.C. We are cultivating BC Hemp Corporation’s position as a leader in economic diversification and innovation across the agricultural sector.

We are currently coordinating a hemp farming resource database, as well as capacity-building and mentorship programs that will help guide new and experienced farmers. To that end, BC Hemp has begun collecting information from individuals who are interested in the prospect of working with our organization, either as growers, or as purchasers of raw materials.

There are a few important things to consider before getting started with hemp farming:

  • It is a site-specific crop –growing conditions and success will differ from farm to farm
  • There will be a learning curve and a period of adaptation
  • Your end product will help determine your production costs and methods: are you growing hemp for grain or fibre (or both)?
  • You will need to familiarize yourself with any necessary equipment, regulations, seed varieties, terrain and soil type, growth cycles, and harvesting measures

It’s no small undertaking, but BC Hemp is eager to help! We hope to work collaboratively with our farmers to design growing plans that are customized to each farm’s specific situation and needs.

If you are curious about making the transition to hemp farming, or would like to use our derivatives in your products, please contact us. We’d love to start a conversation.

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